Doctor of Nursing Practice

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The DNP Project is a final deliverable that brings together didactic and clinical work in the DNP program. The DNP Project is translational work in which the student uses existing research evidence to improve outcomes for patient populations and healthcare systems. This translational work generally begins with the student identifying a gap (or need for improvement) in a healthcare system which could include acute care, population, and community-based care. The DNP student is expected to plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate their DNP Project. The DNP student’s program of study throughout their educational experience builds towards this goal, assisting the student to identify and refine their original ideas, using tools to engage interprofessional teams in impactful work that is rigorous, and sustainable. The student earns a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree upon completion of their coursework and a final DNP project. DNP graduates are prepared to analyze systems, identify problems, and apply evidence-based solutions to improve the outcomes of the people for whom they provide care. The findings of their DNP project will be presented to the academic community prior to graduation.