Evidence-Based Practice Remote Patient Monitoring Curriculum Development: A Descriptive Pilot Project




Wolf, Irene

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The purpose of this project was to build a remote patient monitoring (RPM) evidence-based practice (EBP) curriculum using a curriculum matrix. The curriculum matrix includes technology, patient safety/quality, role, industry, and clinical skills to complete learning objectives regarding RPM information, applications, and clinical decision-making. Methodology: This quality improvement project used subject matter experts were used to obtain a Content Validity Index (CVI) score on pre- and post-test surveys that measured RPM knowledge, experience, and attitude. The pre-test survey, RPM module, and post-test surveys were presented to online students obtaining a master’s or doctorate. Results: Quantitative results indicated that knowledge and experience were significantly improved with RPM content. There was no difference in the attitude score, which may be related to the students themselves because of a high pre-survey score of 9.4 for attitude. The significant results from this pilot project warrant expansion to a larger sample and other universities.


DNP Project


Remote patient monitoring, Telemonitoring, Virtual visits, Telecare, Telemedicine, Telehealth, Telehealth curriculum, Education, Instruction, Provider education, Certification