Fall reduction program among elderly residents in skilled nursing facility




Jacob, Latha

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Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non- fatal injuries among the elderlies. Falls threaten seniors’ safety and independence & generate enormous economic and personal costs (NCOA, 2018). The specific aim of the project is to provide an intervention that would reduce incidence of falls among elderly residents in a skilled rehab facility. The QI study will consist of analyzing the application of intervention which mainly includes forming a Fall prevention team, fall risk assessment tool, fall leaves signs, yellow skid socks for high-risk patients, hourly rounding and post fall huddle. The researcher will collect data from EHR of the number of falls before and after interventions and analyzed. Since falls are a leading cause of injuries in skilled rehab facility, addressing this issue is a priority as it has so many consequences. As staff knowledge and implementation of fall prevention interventions increase, patient fall rate will correspondingly decrease.



Falls, Elderly residents