Dual credit at your doorstep: What you need to know




Hoermann-Elliott, Jackie
Johnson, Tanisha
Figueroa, Jorge

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Magna Publications


In 2019, the US Department of Education reported that one in every three American high school students participates in dual enrollment courses (Shivji & Wilson, 2019), a number expected to rise in the coming years. Texas is one such state where rapid expansion is underway. From 2000-2017, a sharp 753% increase of students enrolled in dual credit courses was observed, representing 10% of all students enrolled in Texas higher education (THECB, 2018).

Not only is dual credit growing rapidly, it’s playing a critical role in bridging the educational achievement gap by offering college coursework opportunities to high school students, many of whom lack access to such transformative academic programming.


Article originally published by Faculty Focus. English. Published September 2023. https://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/educational-assessment/dual-credit-at-your-doorstep-what-you-need-to-know/


Educational assessment, Equality, inclusions, and diversity, Dual credit


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