Attitudes among psychologists working with Borderline Personality Disorder



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The purpose of the study is to provide a baseline for the attitudes of psychologists responding to patients identified as meeting criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). A review of the literature has indicated that psychiatric nurses are the most common group studied. To provide a baseline of psychologists’ attitudes, an online self-report survey was devised through extensive literature review of items and themes found in similar surveys, with heaviest weight given to studies completed with psychologists. The multiple linear regression model demonstrates that although training and years of experience do not have a significant effect on psychologists’ attitudes, the post-hoc correlation analysis shows that psychologists have the ability to hold and integrate multiple attitudes related to the BPD patient which are dichotomous. Included in the correlation is the finding that increased attendance at BPD-specific trainings reduces negative attitudes in working with BPD patients.



BPD, Psychologists, Attitudes