Employers' current perceptions of job skill levels of vocational adjustment class employees




Schmittou, Diana

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The intent of this study was to examine employers' and vocational adjustment class instructors' perceptions of the academic, self-help, and job skills of special education students in vocational placements. The study intended to compare the perceptions of the employers with the perceptions of the vocational adjustment class instructors. This study did not produce the intended results because of the poor rate of return of completed questionnaires. In light of the recent focus and additional requirements for transition planning and the additional requirements for high school graduation, perceptions from employers concerning the job skills of special education students in job placements is vital to insure appropriate vocational planning and training for each special education student. Thus, additional research to gather information from employers should be conducted. In addition, research to study the certification requirements, educational training, and need for continued training for vocational adjustment class instructors also should be conducted.



Employer, Employment, Education, Training, Job Skills, Attitudes