An annotated bibliography of suggested repertoire for high school treble chorus




Fuller, Jeanne C.

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Many choral conductors become overwhelmed when involved in selecting music for contests or concerts. An annotated bibliography promptly supplies the high school choral conductor with a suitable repertoire for the small school treble choir.

The purpose of this study was to compile a concise annotated bibliography of high school treble music for grades I and II based on the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association and the Texas University Interscholastic League Prescribed Music Lists. The bibliography would serve as an introduction to appropriate quality music literature for those unfamiliar with concert and contest material, as a brief descriptive guide to inform directors of the general character of each piece, and as a valuable time saver. The annotation provides information about each selection including composer, title, voicing, instrumentation, vocal range, language of text, source of text, publisher, catalog number, and a summary of the basic elements inherent in each selection.

It may be concluded on the basis of this study that further research is needed to provide accurate annotated bibliographies on choral literature.



Music education, Music literature, Choral literature, Communication and the arts, Education