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    Coaching strategies for high school drill team: Developing performance presence and dynamic movement qualities
    (2020) White, Neosha
    PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is two-fold: To create and explore specific coaching strategies for high school drill teams in an effort to 1) enhance their performance of varied dynamic movement qualities, and 2) to support students in developing the ability to command attention and connect to the audience through a strong performance presence. This paper examines and offers created strategies and drill team coaching practices as a contribution to the field of dance.
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    Collaborative dance making strategies in a high school dance class: A choreography curriculum unit
    (2020) Hart, Molly
    This paper is a description of dancemaking practices for high school dance students promoting collaborative strategies in a choreography unit. This unit is informed by the key concepts from established research in the area of collaborative practices, choreography processes, education, and the National Core Arts Standards. The goal of this unit is to strengthen student skill sets needed for collaborative activities in creating dances.
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    Lived experiences of teacher stress and perceived teaching success from four dance educators
    (2020) Olivars, Jaqueline
    PURPOSE: To understand the ways in which teachers describe moments of stress and their perceived success as a dance educator in the secondary level; to analyze participants’ descriptions of teacher stress and success in an effort to identify common themes, ideas, and experiences; and to create/develop interventions that may decrease dance educator stress in the secondary level in relationship to the analysis of the interviews.
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    Activities and teacher practices for the high school dance classroom to promote the development of self-directed learners
    (2020) Crockett, Hope
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: In this professional project I create and explore dance teaching practices and classroom activities that seek to support the development of self-directed learners. I implement, reflect upon, and analyze these created teaching practices and activities in my high school dance classroom at varied dance levels. Through this approach, I identify and evaluate the quality of the varied teaching practices and activities. As an end result, I evaluate and edit the resultant activities and practices in order to share this research with high school dance educators as a contribution to the field of dance education.
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    Supporting the development of student professionalism in the middle school dance classroom
    (2020) Chenard, Charque
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The purpose of this research was to explore my classroom policies, procedures, rules, and strategies I use to reinforce and support expectations of professionalism for middle school dance 2 students. My goal was to first analyze my Student Code of Conduct in relation to other school’s dance classroom codes of conduct. Additionally, the goal was also to conduct a teacher self-study to learn about possible effective strategies to reinforce professional expectations in the dance classroom. At the conclusion of this research, my intention was to offer dance educators an informed and edited example of a Code of Conduct with teacher strategies for student redirection towards professionalism. My hope is that the results of this work can assist teachers in helping students to become more professional and respectful of dance learning.
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    Teaching strategies developed from a creative movement perspective in support of social emotional skills in early childhood students with autism spectrum disorder
    (2020) Wachsmann, Brittany
    PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to create a set of teaching strategies for children with ASD that support the development of social-emotional skills outlined in Conscious Discipline from a creative movement perspective. This work is intended to contribute to the field of early childhood education, dance education, and to practitioners who work with students on the autism spectrum.
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    Jazz dance learning and culturally relevant pedagogy: Developing a curriculum for 6-14 year old students in a studio setting
    (2020) Toland, Alyssa
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The goal of this research project was to develop a curriculum for use in a studio-based jazz dance class for 6-14 year olds that promotes somatic awareness. My intention was to expand my teaching practices while also offering a jazz dance curriculum to the field of dance education.