Supporting the development of student professionalism in the middle school dance classroom




Chenard, Charque

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The purpose of this research was to explore my classroom policies, procedures, rules, and strategies I use to reinforce and support expectations of professionalism for middle school dance 2 students. My goal was to first analyze my Student Code of Conduct in relation to other school’s dance classroom codes of conduct. Additionally, the goal was also to conduct a teacher self-study to learn about possible effective strategies to reinforce professional expectations in the dance classroom. At the conclusion of this research, my intention was to offer dance educators an informed and edited example of a Code of Conduct with teacher strategies for student redirection towards professionalism. My hope is that the results of this work can assist teachers in helping students to become more professional and respectful of dance learning.


How can I explore and create a dance student code of conduct and teaching strategies to reinforce and teach middle school dance student’s rules, policies, and procedures in promotion of student professionalism and respect for dance learning?