Accessibility of physician services to Medicare and Medicaid recipients in Denton, Texas




Chastain, Carol Ann

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In 1965, the Congress of the United States enacted Title XVIII and Title XIX of the Social Security Amendment Act. This was the formal beginning of Medicare and Medicaid, programs established to provide health care for the elderly and the impoverished, two of the most vulnerable groups in society. The system was designed to provide health care without discrimination. The purpose of this study was to determine which physicians in Denton, Texas would accept Medicare and Medicaid patients, their policies on assignment, and office accessibility to handicapped patients. The study, using a descriptive survey method of research, with a mailed questionnaire, and telephone follow up of non-respondents, realized a 97% response. Results were analyzed in two ways, by total sample and by specialty. Analysis by total sample appeared to demonstrate a fairly favorable physician attitude toward Medicare and Medicaid recipients. The pattern seemed to change significantly when data was analyzed by physician specialty group.



Surgery, Public health, Health and environmental sciences