Role of the clinician in remote patient monitoring: Skills development through curriculum




Perkins, Jasmine
Tietze, Mari
McElreath, Devin

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Healthcare spending is increasing exponentially secondary to unstable and ineffective chronic disease management. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is of key interest to address related health disparities. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to explore the educational needs of clinicians and suggest how to build RPM curriculum that supports clinicians. Project Description Utilizing a popular nursing education model where data management, technology, patient safety/quality and nurses’ roles intersect, this project will identify tailored solutions that are essential to providing this quality service. The project will also explore reduction of the associated per capita cost. Methodology: Proposed RPM curricula will be created by student and faculty, then validated by subject‐matter experts and other evaluations. Clinical expertise, data analytics, industry characteristics, and roles development will represent the concepts‐based curriculum components. Results Clinician effectiveness using RPM, patient satisfaction with RPM, and reduction in costs will be targets for successful implementation


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Chronic disease management, Clinician education, Remote patient monitoring