The Power of Questions - Introducing New Tools for Problem Solving




Klemm, JoTisa

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Change is hard. But change is also inevitable. Using tools from Human Systems Dynamics (, JoTisa will discuss the process of establishing a "What - So What - Now What" way of thinking to approach change in personal, organizational, and societal issues. She will demonstrate how to use Inquiry Sessions and give examples of how they can bring a group together and help a leader clarify important aspects of a difficult situation. She will introduce the audience to HSD terms such as "wicked issue" and "zooming" to provide a brief introduction to the Human Systems Dynamics approach to Change Management. HSD is used all over the world by non-profits, governments, and the military to help leaders approach difficult organization situations and see issues more clearly. JoTisa will apply HSD tools, especially The Power of Questions, to library issues and offer a new ways of thinking about problems.