A descriptive analysis of corporate health promotion activity evaluations




Corrigan, Ann E.

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Evaluation has been recognized as a basic component of health promotion program design; however, its implementation into ongoing worksite health promotion activities has been questioned. This study was conducted to determine what types of evaluation, if any, were conducted by health promotion professionals employed in worksite health promotion programs. A survey tool was developed specifically for this study and mailed to 587 members of the Association for Fitness in Business, who were listed in the 1990-1991 edition of the directory of members, and who were identified as corporate in-house professional members. A total of 221 (38%) usable responses to the questionnaire was received. Formal evaluations of the health promotion activities were conducted by 146 (67%) survey participants. Evaluation activities were used by the survey participants to review and/or revise the health promotion activities, to determine strengths and weaknesses of the activities, and to improve the effects of the health promotion activities. Reasons evaluations were not conducted included a lack of personnel, a lack of financial resources, a lack of time to conduct the evaluation, and a lack of interest by supervisors/executives.



Health and environmental science, Education, Health promotions