Development and application of an occupational well being inventory




McClure, Rachel

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Introduction: The theory of Occupational Wellbeing (OWB; Doble & Santha, 2008) outlines pleasure, renewal, accomplishment, affirmation, coherence, companionship, and agency as needs which contribute to occupational wellbeing. Methods: We designed a three part study to: 1) develop and establish validity for an Occupational Wellbeing Inventory (OWBI), 2) use the OWBI to determine the impact of leisure activity on occupational wellbeing among college students, and 3) determine the impact of craft kits on the occupational wellbeing of service members. Results: Preliminary analysis of surveys in phase two (n = 72) offered promising results. Significant positive correlations existed among all subscale and all loaded on a single factor which we identified as occupational wellbeing. Results are pending regarding phase three data. Conclusions: The OWBI has good construct validity. Data collection for the impact of craft kits on the occupational wellbeing of military service members is underway.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium