The Art of the Hustle: Making the Most of Your Paraprofessional Role




Cox, Kayleen
Pierce Farrier, Katie

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Becoming a professional librarian requires tenacity, a desire to serve the community and a diverse professional tool belt. Many promising job listings prefer applicants to have several years of experience, but this can be an obstacle for incoming professionals. MLIS/MIS students often gain experience through internships or practicums, but is this enough? Some students can benefit from their para-professional work in a library where hands-on experience is gained and can expand professional networks. Some students utilize volunteering and professional organizations that offer opportunities to enhance skills from project management to circulation and programming. Students and graduates that come from a non-library background will learn methods for building a professional tool belt, find opportunities to give back to the community, and prepare for a professional library career. This presentation will highlight two stories of recent graduates who are hustling to build resumes and ultimately become professional librarians.