The effects of the Kids' Connection Program on sixth graders' drug knowledge and self-concept




Stumbaugh, Terry Ann

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The problem addressed by this study was to determine the effectiveness of Kids' Connection in terms of increasing drug knowledge and self-esteem. The purpose of the study was to identify the key criteria essential to a complete, effective prevention program and to evaluate the Kids' Connection Program's effectiveness as a curriculum to be material. Students from an elementary school in Denton, Texas were used. Half of the students (n=9) were assigned to the experimental group, which received Kids' Connection in addition to the regular public school drug education program. The control group (n=9) received only the regular public school drug education. Both the experimental and control groups were given pretests in knowledge and self-esteem before any drug education was presented. At the end of the intervention, posttests were administered. Analysis of the data indicates there is a significant difference in the amount of knowledge gained by the group receiving the Kids' Connection curriculum.



School health education, Public school drug education program, Drug prevention program