Weaving dance: Andean textiles and movement




Pacheco Orcasitas, Claudia

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This poster describes a dance research project conducted as part of the Experiential Student Scholars Program. The project looked to Andean textile art for choreographic ideas. I used three research methods: fieldwork, literature review, and studio work. During the fieldwork, I learned about the Nazca textiles’ iconography and the backstrap weaving technique. In the literature review, I surveyed sources related to Andean textiles and dance, finding two movement concepts, symmetry vs. asymmetry and tension vs. release. I explored these concepts using improvisation and imagery while working at the studio. To study tension vs. release, I used a piece of elastic band to sense the tensional forces between two bodies. To explore symmetry vs. asymmetry, I employed an iconographic design on the floor, using white‐dough tape. The design provided points of reference in the space, which assisted dancers in the generation of movement. The final product was a 3‐ minute duet.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Andean art, Choreography, Nazca