Occupational therapy students' perceived value of simulated learning experiences

Walls, Donna
Fletcher, Tina
Brown, Diane
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Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions

AIMS: The purpose of this quantitative pilot study was to examine occupational therapy students’ perceived value of a

simulated learning experience and to identify various compo- nents of simulation that were valued.

METHODS: Students

enrolled in an occupational therapy evaluation and interven- tion for the adult population course participated in a simu- lated experience using a standardized patient as part of

course expectations. Participants completed an 18-item ques- tionnaire following the simulation.

RESULTS: Students per- ceived simulated learning as a positive experience. The com- ponents identified as positive included feedback from the

instructor, professional attire, consistent role of the standard- ized patient, and group debriefing after the simulation.

CONCLUSION: Occupational therapy students perceived interac- tion with standardized patients as valuable. Further research

is needed to analyze effectiveness of simulation in preparing occupational therapy and other healthcare students for actual clinical experience.

Article originally published in Journal of Allied Health, 48(1), 21E–25E(5). English. Published Online 2019. https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/asahp/jah/2019/00000048/00000001/art00019
Human patient simulators, Content-centered teaching, Active learning
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