Using photovoice and participatory action research to identify factors which impede and promote health among orphans in Sierra Leone




Walker, Ashley

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Texas Woman's University


The main purpose of this study was to identify the ecological factors, which impede and promote health and well-being among world orphans in Sierra Leone as described by caregivers from a non-governmental relief organization in Sierra Leone. Using participatory action research and photo voice, 10 non-governmental organization caregivers took photographs capturing the different ecological factors affecting orphan health and well-being. The participants then discussed their photographs in an in-depth interview with the researcher to contextualize the photographs which best captured "their story." Data analyses included an analysis of the audio recorded interview transcripts using the constant-comparative method to identify the significant themes and patterns that emerged from the dialogue. Results indicated three emergent categories. Each category was supported by common themes identified through the data analysis. The findings revealed the need for more community and global action to improve health and well-being of orphans in Sierra Leone. Findings also revealed the impact of participatory action research on the caregivers of All As One. Further discussion of results can be found in Chapters 4 and 5. The findings of this study can be used a a needs a sessment to other non-governmental and governmental agencies that provide care to world orphans.