Fictions of circulation and the question of world literature




Busl, Gretchen

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Southern Illinois University


The question "what is world literature?" is not a new one, but it is one that has seen considerable debate over the last twenty years. The scholarly discourse around this question has increased in urgency, arguably a result of the increased rhetoric surrounding the many competing notions of globalization. While traditional notions of "world literature" as a canonical body of texts have certainly fallen by the wayside, the answer to this question remains a matter of much dispute. Is world literature a discipline? Is it a methodology? Is it a mode of writing? This special issue makes no claims to provide another new definitive answer to this question; instead, it aims only to suggest ways in which we might complicate the question itself.


Article originally published in Papers on Language & Literature, 56(1), 3+. Published online 2020.
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Circulation of literature, Literary world systems, Narrative ecosystems


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