Share the Up-to-date Web Usage Statistics using PowerBI

Wu, Jingjing
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"Functionally, the library website facilitates the visibility of library resources, services, and spaces, to supports their usage as well as library instruction and reference. Librarians are interested in the web usage statistics and trends of certain resources and services as feedback from users, therefore they can better understand user behaviors and make informed decisions on web content and its organization. The Web Librarian started to share the usage statistics and their visualizations with certain departments or groups in the Library in 2017 through email or on meetings. This Spring, the Web Librarian used MS PowerBI to populate Google Analytics data, transform the data to proper formats, and create a dashboard to present the website usage statistics from various angles. The dashboard is published to the PowerBI server and the link is added to a library internal page. Any library employees can view up-to-date information about the website usage. "

" Traditionally, librarians collaborate within their professional type, e.g. academic, public, school, special, etc. Although there is increased collaboration across library types for individual research and projects, less is know about comprehensive local efforts to collaborate across types of libraries. This talk describes efforts to identify local cross library type efforts in Texas. The talk focuses first on the Lubbock Area Library Association and then describes three government documents group efforts in North Texas, Houston area, and the San Antonio area. A literature review on such organizations will also be included. In addition, based on requests for information on various Texas-based listservs, organizations, etc. other such groups will be identified. The benefits, challenges, and problems of developing these organizations and keeping them going and relevant will be examined. It is hoped that the results of this research will encourage more local collaboration efforts across the state."