An analysis of middle school SATB and SAB choral sight reading contest literature




Poche-Rodriguez, Kelley

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The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis of Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) SATB and SAB middle school sight reading contest literature from 2006-2012 and the corresponding ratings. Baritone range in SAB literature spanned from P4 to M7, while Tenor and Bass SATB ranges covered m3 to M6. SATB selections had a higher ratio of root-position chords (75.10%) than SAB (57.40%). While only 35% of Varsity mixed choirs read SATB literature, the mean score (3.76) was 3.06 points better than for SAB (6.82) (lower score = higher rating), indicating that middle school mixed choirs had a higher success rate at UIL Sight Reading Contest when reading SATB literature. Perhaps adolescent boys with changing voices are able to be more successful singing within the more limited ranges of the Tenor and Bass parts. Further study is needed to examine the merits of SATB repertoire for adolescent males.



Communication and the arts, Middle school education, Music education