The role of available resources to identify and treat low-income women with postpartum depression during COVID-19



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Efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the sexual and reproductive health of women with increased cases of domestic violence, deaths among women, and depression. This study aimed to uncover the role of available resources in identifying and treating low-income women with postpartum depression (PPD). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to interview low-income women of childbearing age (18-51), pregnant, or with children aged 2 or younger to learn from their experiences accessing resources to report symptoms and get treated for PPD during the COVID-19 pandemic. Five themes emerged from the interviews including 1. Fear, anxiety, and loss of interest 2. Social support 3. Lack of access to screening 4. Lack of resources for PPD 5. The COVID-19 pandemic. Their experiences reflect the lack of communication between patients and healthcare providers as well as the absence of resources offered to low-income women.



Women's Studies, Postpartum, COVID-19 pandemic