Foam rolling as a short term recovery intervention during submaximal quadricep fatigue protocol




Manning, Randall
Avalos, Marco
Tuttle, Noelle
Kwon, Young-Hoo

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Foam rolling is the practice of applying pressure onto a muscle through a dense cylinder. This technique has been gaining popularity among CrossFit and other athletic endeavors, but is still not fully understood. This study will observe the effects of passive rest against foam rolling in an acute situation between bouts of exercise. The participants will perform a strenuous leg extension exercise with both their dominant and non‐dominant legs. The peak power and torque will be collected before and after using either passive rest or foam rolling as a recovery method. The purpose of the study is to compare the peak power and torque between bouts of exercise utilizing passive rest or foam rolling as recovery interventions. It will provide information on the optimal use of foam rolling in athletics, and may impact the recovery and maintenance of performance for athletes.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Performance maintenance, Recovery, Roller massage