Improving nursing competency in teaching self-care management to patients with heart failure




Babu, Sherin
Oquin, Lois Gordon

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Heart failure is a key cause of mortality and morbidity in the globe that affect 26 million people in the world. Scientific improvements have provided successful interventions to abate adverse results in heart failure, especially in patients with decreased left ventricular ejection fraction. Regrettably, productive therapiesfor heart failure are usually not exploited in effective, safe, timely, equitable, patient‐centered means. Additionally, the risk of adverse results for heart failure remains prevalent. The past decades have seen increasing efforts to evaluate and enhance the quality of care and outcomes of patients with heart failure. The purpose of this project is to review improving nursing competency in teaching self‐care management to patients with heart failure. While attempting to achieve this purpose, this project will apply the Donabedian model to provide the initial framework for performance assessment and improvement in health care.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Heart failure, Chronic cardiovascular disease, Self-care management