Active and Reflective Instruction In Zoom Where It Happens




Johnson, Stacy
Kim, Dianna
Strickland, Susan

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"Presenters from an R-3 university will explore adapting in-person active and reflective group learning to remote delivery in 2020-2021. Through a game-based session, attendees will learn about using shared drive documents and Zoom as delivery methods, providing students across disciplines and at all levels with engaging remote library instruction and facilitating collaborative learning relationships with faculty at a distance. Presenters will discuss their “Anatomy of a Scholarly Research Article"" instruction activity adaptation and will seek feedback and participation from attendees on how to be flexible in creating an effective group learning environment with meaningful, measurable interactions using Microsoft shared documents and storage, Zoom break-out rooms, and Microsoft Forms. Participants will learn: How to implement active and reflective instruction remotely, applicable to public-facing activities anywhere. Tips for using shared documents and storage to supplement active learning in the remote environment. How to incorporate games and surveys to gain immediate, actionable assessment."