Preparing the Vulnerable "Offender:" Reverse Crisis Intervention Training for People with ASD and/or I/DD to Prepare for Police Encounters

Roming, Sinjin
Bratina, Michele P.
Schwab, Britta S.
Carrero, Kelly M.
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Contact with police begins early for many citizens with ASD and/or I/DD, especially those with co-morbid mental health concerns. However, in order to help these individuals prepare for police interactions, parents, caregivers, and professionals feel inadequately prepared to help those they work with and care for to prepare them for these encounters. The current study examined the current ways, if any, that family members, caregivers, and professionals are using to prepare those they work with for police interactions. Additionally, their perceived levels of knowledge and confidence as part of this preparation was explored. Teachers, caregivers, family members, and other professionals completed a survey asking about these different factors of working with those with exceptionalities and helping them prepare for police interactions. Results of survey data on the types of strategies taught to people with ASD and/or I/DD demonstrated an overall lack of reported preparation, knowledgeability, and confidence in terms of helping those with exceptionalities prepare for police encounters. These results demonstrate the need for greater efforts to help those working with exceptionalities to help those they have charge over to be ready to interact with police. Future directions in the field of research and recommendations are given.

Texas A&M University- Commerce
Texas A&M University- Commerce
Educational Psychology