Fall Proof: The Implementation of a Virtual Fall Prevention Program for Adults 65 and Older


Falls represent a significant health concern for older adults, with one in three individuals aged 65 and older experiencing at least one fall annually (Sherrington et al., 2017). To address this issue, a specialized virtual fall prevention program, "Skyfitprograms," was developed for the older adult population at Sky Fitness. Grounded in evidence-based practices and personalized strategies, the program aims to enhance balance, strength, home modifications, and overall fall prevention knowledge among older adults. Through educational videos covering various topics and in-person classes, older adults are empowered to manage fall risks and preserve their independence. The program fosters engagement and ongoing support within the community, aiming to reduce falls and improve overall well-being.



Geriatrics, Fall prevention, Program development, Occupational therapy, Balance training, Strength exercises, Home modifications, Activities of daily living (ADL)