Utility of the RBANS with adolescents from the ADHD population: An examination of neuropsychological assessment measures of executive attention


May 2023

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The purpose of this study was to contribute to the current literature surrounding evaluation protocols for the diagnosis of ADHD. While the need for the early and accurate diagnosis of ADHD has been empirically established (Franke et al., 2018; Quintero et al., 2019), there is currently no agreed upon assessment battery or specific assessments to be included in such an evaluation (Wolraich et al, 2019).The current research sought to identify the pattern of performance exhibited by adolescents with ADHD on the RBANS when compared to the normative population. It also sought to determine whether the RBANS, a neuropsychological screener, provides valuable diagnostic data in excess of what is typically gathered for a psychological evaluation. Finally, the proposed study sought to identify whether the IVA-2, a computerized CPT, provides data that is correlated with, or predicted by, performance on the RBANS. Results revealed individuals from the ADHD sample scored higher on several subtests and indexes of the RBANS and also scored lower on several subtests, compared to the normative group. There was no evidence of a correlation between the RBANS and the IVA-2. Results were limited by a small sample size that potentially suppressed relationships that would have otherwise been observed.