Assessment instruments used by adapted physical educators in Texas




Johnson, Geoben
Kyugjin, Kim
Bittner, Melissa
Silliman-French, Lisa

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Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (TAHPERD)


Assessment in adapted physical education (APE) is a complex, multi-faceted process that focuses on: (a) identifying whether or not a student qualifies for APE services; (b) developing appropriate goals; (c) implementing appropriate instructional activities; and (d) determining the most appropriate placement for students in physical education (PE) (Horvat, Block, & Kelly, 2007). PL108-446, Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) (2004) had a major impact (e.g., established guidelines for standardized assessments, alternative assessments, and reporting of students with disabilities) on the assessment procedures of students with disabilities. In the reauthorization of IDEIA, there were changes in reporting requirements on the progress made toward performance goals of students from every two years to every year. Furthermore, it is important to compare previous and current assessment practices used in APE settings to provide information about appropriate application for students with disabilities, and how it might affect student learning in APE (James, Griffin, & France, 2005; Redelius & Hay, 2010). Based on a review of previous literature, only one researcher has conducted a statewide investigation in Texas (Turney, 2000) to examine the most widely used assessment instruments by APE teachers before the federal updates to IDEIA in 2004.


Article originally published in Texas Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal, 86 (1), 4. [Spring]. English. Published online 2018.
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Adapted physical education, Instructional activities, Students with disabilities


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