Navigating special education law as a rural school administrator




Trujillo-Jenks, Laura
Starrett, Teresa

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Macrothink Institute


Working in a rural school district has some great advantages as well as disadvantages. One disadvantage is the lack of resources, such as an alternative discipline placement for students who violate the student code of conduct. This case study, or fictional scenario, focuses on one principal’s need to understand much more about alternative discipline placements for students who violate both the student code of conduct and the penal code. This is not based on real research, but is an application-based case study that can be used in a graduate course in educational leadership. All names used are fictional. Additionally, this case study or fictional scenario is presented as follows: Educational leadership issue, literature review to support the issue, and teaching notes and guiding questions to expound on the issue.


Article originally published in Journal of Education and Training, 2(2), 136. English. Published Online 2015.


Alternative discipline placement, Application-based case study, Educational leadership


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