The effects of cultural orientation and the sex-typing of personality on physical aggression



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This study aimed to investigate whether neuroticism positively predicted physical aggression and if agreeableness was a negative predictor, with cultural orientation (specifically horizontal individualism) and sex-typing of personality (masculinity) as potential moderators. A multiple regression analysis revealed that agreeableness significantly and negatively predicted proactive physical aggression, whereas neuroticism did not positively predict. Introducing horizontal individualism as a moderator showed that cultural orientation did significantly moderate the relationship between neuroticism or agreeableness and physical aggression. Additionally, while the trait of masculinity itself did not significantly predict physical aggression, it did moderate the relationship between neuroticism and aggression. Masculinity did not influence the relationship between agreeableness and aggression. The findings suggest that cultural orientation and sex-typed personality traits play a role in the dynamics of personality and aggression. The study sheds light on the complexities of these relationships, emphasizing the importance of considering both individual personality differences and broader cultural and gendered influences in understanding aggressive behavior.



Psychology, General