Adolescent perfection driven distress




Peterson, Treisha
Dutton, Catherine L.

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As rates of loneliness, anxiety, and depression continue to rise, it is imperative that family advocates, educators, and professionals are familiar with the breadth of perfectionism and the impact this has on emotional, mental, and physical well‐being in the family. With a primary focus on the growing and urgent need for awareness of adolescent perfection driven distress, this poster will discuss perfectionistic traits and the critical role that adolescent distress has on the social and emotional competencies and outcomes in families, schools, and communities. In addition, this poster will address the import of the identity gap and the role of perceived ought and ideal selves on perfection driven distress in the identity seeking adolescent. Additional conversation will address wellness and connection promoting strategies that foster hope by way of healthy striving, goals, pathways, and individual agency.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Adolescent identity, Self-discrepancy theory