Investigation into the current practices in the identification of the eligibility and assessment of 3-year-old early childhood intervention programs in the public schools




McCormick, Lois

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Early Childhood Intervention has gained momentum since the inception of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Under House Bill 105-17, a child referred for services must be tested and placed by his third birthday. This created concern for public schools as to transition and programs.

Statewide surveys were sent to directors of special education to obtain their perceptions of current trends and issues related to early childhood special education. The majority of respondents were females ages 46 to 59 who have been Special Education Directors for less than 5 years. Most districts have half-day 3-year-old programs with staff trained in special education. In line with literature review, children have been assessed by a person trained in testing young children with speech delays. Emerging issues were communication between interagencies and district personnel, concern for new curriculum, eligibility for public school 3-year-old programs, increasing severity of developmental delays, and demand for related service.



Early Childhood, Early Childhood Intervention, Education, Assessment, Public Schools