Effect of mixed mushroom polyphenols in energy metabolism in human adipocytes


August 2023

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Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of dose-dependent mixed mushroom polyphenols on lipid accumulation and metabolic changes in human adipocytes. Methods: Cells were treated with dose-dependent mixed mushroom polyphenols with 50μg, 100μg, 200μg, and 400μg per ml of media, and evaluated for lipid accumulation, mitochondrial respiration, and glycolysis rate. Statistical analysis included means, medians, standard error, ANOVA test. Results: There was a positive dose-dependent effect for polyphenol concentration on adipocyte proliferation and ATP production from 50μg/ml up to 200μg/ml. In contrast, the maximal dose of polyphenol yielded a significant reduction in adipocyte proliferation and ATP production via mitochondrial respiration. Mushroom polyphenols did not affect ATP production via glycolysis under stress conditions. Conclusions: Preliminary results showed that as concentration of mushroom polyphenols increased, adipocytes proliferation significantly increased. Also, mushroom polyphenols at a higher concentration, reduced lipid accumulation, increased ATP production via mitochondrial respiration, and adipocytes were more energetic.



Health Sciences, Nutrition