Post-Pandemic Futures: Progress Report on How COVID-19 is Changing SMU Libraries

Gardner, Hollie
Lang, Grace
Patel, Rashmi
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Using a collection of time series models and previous trends, the projected number of visitors for SMU's Fondren Library was forecasted for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters if the COVID-19 pandemic had not happened. This forecast was compared to the actual numbers of onsite visitors. It was concluded that the library potentially lost over 60% of traffic over the past year. This presentation will share methodology and the comparisons of forecasts and actuals of SMU Libraries visitor counts, reference transactions, instructions sessions, and other services. Further discussion will take place on analysis of these differences, trends in the workplace in general, and questions we should ask ourselves as we consider the future we should prepare for as libraries. Q&A time can also be utilized for audience members to share trends and observations in their own libraries.