Keyboard competence and usage: A survey of board-certified music therapists in the Southwestern region




Chigani, Sara

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Although the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) requires specific piano competencies for all music therapists, limited research exists regarding how often and to what degree the piano/keyboard is used in music therapy sessions. The Southwestern Region of AMTA was used as a pilot region in order to find a foundational understanding of how the piano/keyboard is used in music therapy. Using an Internetbased tool, Board Certified Music Therapists currently practicing in the Southwestern Region of AMTA (n= 523, 509 deliverable) were surveyed regarding their use of the instrument and training. Specifically, participants were asked to indicate how they are using the piano/keyboard, the frequency with which they use it, and their competence and confidence on the instrument during their sessions. Responses (n=71) indicated that 40.84% of participants rate the importance of using the piano/keyboard as “low” or “not important at all.” Conversely, the majority of participants (59.15%) think further piano/keyboard training would increase their use of the instrument in clinical practice. Implications for further education and use in clinical practice are discussed.



Keyboard, Music therapy, Piano, Southwest Region, Survey