Texas college students perceptions of family services




Gross, Megan
Manohar, Annamayil
Rose, Katherine K.

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The purpose of this research project is to examine Texas college students’ perceptions about family services. Opinions that students develop regarding family services may influence their willingness to report or refer to appropriate services as professionals. Though there is little research over student perceptions, there is literature on parent perception of services their child receives. Murray-Labriolaet al. (2015) found that after a child received family-centered services, parents viewed that particular service in a positive light. However, Staniforth, Deane, & Beddoe(2016) found that the media is the largest influence on the perceptions of social services by the public, and that media presentation of social services are strongly negative. This same study also found a positive correlation between education level and positive opinions of social services. This study seeks to fill this gap in the literature by examining the perceptions Texas college students have about different types of social services, as well as the experiences that they feel most affect those perceptions.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
This poster presentation is also available at https://www.jsr.org/index.php/path/article/view/712. Recommended citation: EGross, M., Manohar, A., & Rose, K. K. (2019). Texas College Students’ Perceptions of Family Services [Texas Woman’s University]. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.712This item has been deposited in accordance with publisher copyright and licensing terms and with the author’s permission.


Family services, Social services, Perception of services