Adaptive Activities and Community Participation for the Cerebral Palsy Population




McCabe, Emily

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This project focused on enhancing the quality of life of individuals with cerebral palsy through the implementation of an annual Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month community event. The doctoral capstone student partnered with CPATH Texas, a non-profit organization serving the cerebral palsy community in Austin, TX , to establish the program. The event included a variety of adaptive activities to promote participation among all abilities, and numerous local organizations held resource tables to connect families with beneficial financial, medical, or social resources. A post-event survey indicated an increased sense of community and social support, as well as the following perceived benefits: connecting with local resources, raising cerebral palsy awareness, and connecting with other families in similar situations. The results of this project emphasize the importance of community programs on the social and emotional well-being of the cerebral palsy population through increased occupational engagement.



Cerebral palsy, Adaptive activities, Community participation, Social participation, Inclusion, Recreational activities