Molecular glasses from the organic chemistry teaching laboratory to our daily life




Little, Lindsay
Simmons, Emily
Salazar, Gustavo

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Our current quotidian lives are surrounded by a plethora of solid materials built by an enormous chemical repertoire. These collection of materials are made with well-known chemical species such as metals, minerals, polymers, organic materials and ceramics, to name a few. Moreover, novel technologies and techniques have allowed scientists to synthesize and develop more complex materials that include nanostructures, smart gels, and the liquids crystals found in flat screens. However, less attention has been placed on a very interesting category of solids named “Molecular Glasses.” Furthermore and despite a hefty effort since the 1960s, these “amorphous” solids have not been in the spotlight as much as their classic counter-part. This project shows how molecular glasses are hidden in plain sight by presenting the thermophysical properties of chemicals found in our daily life and in the organic chemistry laboratory.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Organic chemistry, Molecular glasses, Thermophysical properties, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Food chemistry, Thermogravimetric analysis, TGA, Differential scanning calorimetry, DSC