Professional excellence: Becoming a National Board Certified school librarian




Elkins, Aaron
Chonko, Doreen
Dirscherl, Barbara
Hall, Donna
Mitchell, Kimen

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Knowledge Quest


Obviously, the benefits of being an NBCT are considerable. Before you decide to become a candidate, you' 11 undoubtedly want to know more about what the certincation process entails. Essentially, there are two components: the portfolio and the assessment center. The four portfolio entries provide a detailed look at your teaching; the six assessment-center prompts give you an opportunity to show how you would respond to different situations. The first thing-you should do is download all of the information from the Library Media certifi.cate area of the National Board website. There you'll £.nd the standards, the portfolio directions, the scoring guides, and information about the assessment center.


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Article originally published in Knowledge Quest, 38 (5), 13-17. English.


National Board Certification, NBPTS, Library media certificate, NBCT


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