Transforming Course Reserves to an Online Environment




Livingston, Preston
San Antonio, Amy

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The library is no stranger to technological transformations. In the past, Waters Library ran their course reserves program in a typical fashion common among their peer group. Faculty filled out a form with the description of the material with checkout parameters; item was processed and placed on a shelf for check out by students. Then, Covid-19 transformed the needs of university, including the dissemination of reserve materials. In December 2020, Waters Library made the decision to make reserve materials solely available online through D2L for Spring 2021. Faculty was notified immediately of the change, and our work started to convert reserve requests to be made available in the respective online course shells. At the same time, Waters Library was launching a pilot project for Leganto to streamline course material access, while providing cost savings to the student. The ultimate goal is to provide our students meaningful access to course resources.