A family-based intervention targeting childhood obesity among Ghanaian immigrants: Quality improvement project




Asomani, Gladys
Abraham, Annie

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Childhood obesity and overweight are said to have a significant effect on physical health, social, and psychological consequences. Most parents do not identify their children as obese or overweight due to their understanding of childhood obesity. Obesity in the Ghanaian culture is viewed as a positive implication in life; therefore the, QI project is centered on providing knowledge to impact behavioral change regarding obesity. This QI project of a family‐based intervention targeting childhood obesity among Ghanaian immigrants using diet and physical activity approach will help to bring awareness and a behavioral change. The specific target population for this project will be Ghanaian mothers who reside in the United States ages 21 to 43 years. The instrument to be used in this project is the Family Eating, and Activity Habits Questionnaire (FEAHQ) categorized into four phenomena including activity level, eating style, Eating‐related to hunger and stimulus exposure.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium