"It's What We Do" Distributing Computers in a Shutdown




Klemm, JoTisa
McKinnon, Laura

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Tarrant County College is a six campus community college, serving 50,000 technical and academic students. When campuses suddenly closed in March of 2020 due to Covid, many students were without personal computers needed to access their newly online courses. A few days after TCC campuses were closed and classes went online, campus library directors were asked by the IT department to take charge of distributing newly acquired Chromebooks and tablets to students needing them to continue classes. This program will describe the process used to quickly inventory and distribute computers and other items we were later asked to distribute. We will review lessons-learned and how this experience strengthened libraries’ visibility and reputation district-wide. We will describe changes to the working relationships of library staffs and how the experience strengthened district ties. We will also briefly visit how this experience will inform reopening and services offered in the future.