Black Immigrant Women and Mental Health Group Therapy




Abimbola, Deborah Olubunmi

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Black immigrants constituted about 3.8 million population, with the majority migrating from Africa. Prior research has established that among African immigrants diagnosed with mental health disorders, African women were of the highest population; however, they are reluctant to seek professional help for mental health problems. This is due to their beliefs, stigma, poor access to treatment, lack of resources, and information about mental illness. African immigrant women find their coping strategies through religious leaders, traditional, and self-care means rather than clinical mental health treatment. Due to the significant amount of African women migrants in the United States, and their reluctance to seek professional treatment for mental health problems, this paper suggests that professional mental health group therapy be culturally competent to reduce healthcare disparities and improve access to mental health care among African immigrant women.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium