An annotated bibliography of treble chorus music on Grade V University Interscholastic League of Texas Prescribed Music List




Brown, Teddye J.

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Choral conductors face the common problem of locating descriptive guides when selecting music. A concise annotated bibliography saves valuable time pursuing appropriate selections for ensembles and assists those who may be unfamiliar with the selections. Annotations help in making valid choices before visually examining or playing selections on the keyboard.

The purpose of this study is to compile an annotated bibliography of three-part treble chorus music from the University Interscholastic League of Texas Prescribed Music List Grade V. This established list was chosen due to its quality and continued use in public schools for concerts and competitions. The annotation provides catalog information including composer, title, voicing, vocal ranges, instrumentation, language of the text, text source, duration, publisher, catalog number, publication date, and general characteristics. Based on this study, it may be concluded a need exists for further research in collecting data to provide concise, annotated bibliographies.



Communication and the arts, Music education, Music bibliographies, Education