Measuring dimensions of burnout buffers among psychologists: An exploratory factor analytic, multitrait-multimethod study




Paul, Ronald

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This study describes the development and psychometric evaluation of the Buffers Against Burnout among Psychologists Inventory (BABPI). The initial item pool consisted of 80 items that were developed on the basis of prior literature, revised on the basis of expert feedback, and subjected to psychometric scrutiny. Exploratory factor analysis of data from 137 Counseling Psychologists and Counseling Psychology interns yielded a total of 32 items comprising 3 factors of psychologists' buffers against burnout: (a) Normalization and Prevention, (b) Multicultural Values and Awareness, and (c) Strength Based Perspective, with internal consistency reliability estimates ranging from .93 to .96. Convergent and divergent validity were examined with the BABPI's relationship to well-being, social desirability, and burnout. Overall, the present study suggests the BABPI is a reliable and valid measure of buffers against burnout. Implications for theory, training, clinical practice, and future research are discussed.



Counseling psychology, Clinical psychology, Quantitative psychology, Scale development, Psychology, Measurement, Psychometrics, Psychologists