The effect of using manipulatives on the differentiation between melodic activity and tempo perception




Kendrick, Cheryl

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The purpose of the present investigation was to study the potential influence of using manipulatives to teach tempo perception in the presence of differing levels of melodic activity. Forty-five subjects in fifth-grade were randomly assigned to control and treatment groups by intact classes. Independent variables were melodic activity and tempi. Subjects were given a visual beat cue and a motor response task. Subjects indicated whether the second example heard in each pair was "faster," "slower," or "same speed" as the first example. The treatment group received three class periods of specific instruction on the relationship between tempo, steady beat, and rhythm using manipulatives to visualize abstract concepts. The control group showed no significant pre-post gain as measured by the Wilcoxon Matched Pairs statistic. The treatment group showed a pre-post gain approaching significance. While the current investigation did not achieve significance, results from this study indicate that tempo perception may be effected with some degree of success by teaching with the use of manipulatives. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)



Communication and the arts, Education, Music education