Transparency and responsiveness of music therapy master’s equivalency programs: A descriptive survey study of recent graduates

December 2023
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This descriptive survey reports trends in student perceptions of transparency and responsiveness in their music therapy master's equivalency programs. Thirteen current or recent music therapy master’s equivalency students gave perceptions of their programs’ transparency regarding length of program, transfer credits, and dual role status. Respondents also gave perceptions of responsiveness to their unique and non-traditional needs in this dual role. The results indicate that while students generally feel well-informed about graduation requirements and transfer credits in their programs, they don't have the same level of clarity when it comes to understanding how long the program will take. Respondents generally perceived their programs were responsive to their needs, and their courses were appropriately challenging, but information about prior experiences in music and related careers informed some of the negative experiences shared. This study highlights the need for transparency in music therapy master’s equivalency programs, and gives some recommendations for practices to maintain, improve consistency and change in music therapy master’s equivalency education.

Music Therapy