Advocacy and Research for Technological Advancements in Prosthetic Devices




Smithinsky, Brynn

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This abstract encapsulates a study focused on addressing the discomfort experienced by users of prosthetic devices through the integration of electromagnets. This capstone project employs a condensed scoping review methodology to explore the challenges faced by users with current prosthetic systems, the potential of electromagnets to mitigate these challenges, and factors influencing their implementation. The review highlights the potential benefits of electromagnets and sensor gauges in enhancing comfort, control, and usability for prosthetic users, aiming to push the boundaries of prosthetic innovation. By examining the impact of electromagnetics, strain gauges, and other sensor outputs on the efficacy of a proposed lower limb prosthesis design, the study seeks to contribute to advancing prosthetic technology and laying the groundwork for future research and development in the field. Through a deliberate focus on unmet needs and technological advancement, the study aspires to bridge the gap between individuals with limb differences and their able-bodied counterparts, ultimately aiming to enhance their holistic well-being and quality of life.



Prosthetic devices, Lower limb, Electromagnets, Technology